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Macaw birds way home

Good parrot care begins with a thorough understanding of parrot natural history.  Parrot ancestors arose 100 million years ago…your own intentions, however well-meaning, will never overpower the instincts that have evolved since then.  This is a very important point to keep in mind – parrots are wild creatures, driven by instinct, and, even after many generations in captivity, They do have remarkable learning abilities that often enable them to modify their instinctual responses.  However, when considering parrot

Researching natural history should be the starting for learning about the captive care of any creature, be it spider, budgie or elephant.  This is well-known in the zoo world, and has never failed me.   However, perhaps due to the wide availability of pet care info, parrot owners sometimes tend to skip natural history books altogether.  It doesn’t help that such book

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