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The problem with all-seed diets of amazon bird

Your Amazon parrot would probably be very happy at first when presented with an all-seed diet. However, it wouldn’t take long before the negative health consequences of an all-seed diet would create a very unhappy bird. Upper respiratory disease, fatty liver disease, and atherosclerosis in birds have all been linked with seed consumption. The big issue with an all-seed diet is fat. Most seed mixes contain nuts. Even mixes that don’t contain a high nut ratio will still contain some seed varieties that are high in fat. Your parrot will begin to pick out the tastiest seeds within the mix. Unfortunately, the tastiest seeds tend to have the highest amounts of fat. A seed diet simply doesn’t provide the variety an Amazon parrot needs to maintain a proper weight. You also need to be careful about how you source mixes that contain seeds. Many mainstream seed mixes that are sold today contain genetically modified seeds that were grown to be used in cooking oils. Unhealthy seeds can cause a nightmare when it comes to exacerbating obesity issues and health problems in birds. Do you know that our pet bird food is made using organic ingredients? You can have peace of mind when feeding your bird when you pour our yummy mixes

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