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Mealy Amazon Parrot for Sale


The mealy Amazon is a docile, easy to train a bird that can be an excellent pet. These beautiful, large birds may not have the flashy colors of other parrots, but their loving, friendly personality makes up for that. They are a good choice for bird owners who want a large parrot but would prefer one with a laid-back attitude.

Origin and History

The mealy Amazon is native to Central America and South America. Their range extends from southern Mexico to parts of Bolivia and Brazil, including the countries of Peru and Colombia.


Mealy Amazons are known to be the most gentle and docile of the Amazon parrots. They are affectionate when kept as pets and form strong bonds with their owners. This stems from their natural instinct to form a monogamous, lifetime pairing with their mate.

Feeding Mealy Amazon Parrots
Like all Amazon parrots, mealy Amazons do best on a high-quality pelleted diet, supplemented with seed mix and daily servings of fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables. A fresh and varied diet will help ensure that your bird maintains top nutrition.


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