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Male and Female Blue & Gold Macaws


  • Status : Available

  • ​Specie : Blue $ Gold Macaw

  • ​Age     : 1 year $ 6months

  • ​Sex      : Male $ Female

  • ​Vaccinated : Yes

  • Trained $ Tamed : Yes

We have two well trained and tamed talking Blue and Gold Macaws. Male is a 1 year old and female is 8 months old. After a long consideration we have decided to let these Birds go . Due to being busy and not been able to give both birds proper time and attention. They are not bonded so needs to be kept separately. They come with a large cage which has a partition in middle and we are taking care of all delivery to your home address with cage and paper works.


They both say few words and will come to you once they are comfortable. We would want them to go to someone who have good experience with Macaws. Female (Doris) has liking towards the male (Bob) but he has some attitude and does not like the company of Doris.


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