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Dusky Headed Conure


Specifications of Dusky Headed Conure For Sale

Length: 25-28 cm
Weight: 90-100 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Females


Introduction to Dusky Headed Conure for Sale

Dusky Headed Conure are relatively small birds but they have big clowns. These parrots for sale are a perfect companion having cuddly, cute and goofy tricks. Everyone love them for their calm, peaceful and entertaining behaviour. Like other conures, they require little less care than their counterparts and in return provide a perfect company. Dusky Headed Conur for sale are relatively quite and makes a perfect choice for their owners.

Native Region of Dusky Headed Conure

The Dusky Headed Conure are native to the wooded regions of the Amazon basin in South America. They like to live in sparse forest, coffee plantations and sometimes at clay licks and fresh water sources alongwith macaws and Amazon Parrots.

Do Dusky Headed Conures for sale Love Talking a lot?

Generally the conures tend to talk a lot with loud noise but it is not the case with Dusky Headed Conures. They are a lot quiter than other conure which makes them so popular buying option. Dusky Headed Conures are so playful that they may even start shirping and dancing to the song you are listening.

Color\Quote of Dusky Headed Conure

The color of these parrots is entirely green with a black bill and a gray head, bluish feathers and hence the name.

Care and Feeding of Conure

Since they are native to the wooded regions of the Amazon basin in South America, the Dusky Headed Conure like to eat nuts, seeds, tropical fruits, and flower buds. If you are looking for Dusky Headed Conure for sale, you can add fresh fruits, green vegetables, and similar goodies in the diet. Regular exercise and social interaction must be added to their care.

Health and Common Conditions of Dusky Conure

These parrots require very moderate help and care facilities. They are relativey healthy and live upto 40 years with less care and regular vet checks.


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