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poor feeding for amazon bird

Some foods are widely known to be dangerous or toxic for birds and other animals. The list of foods to avoid includes chocolate, tea, and coffee. Anything that contains caffeine is bad for birds. Besides, parrots should not be allowed to consume foods that contain a potent toxin called solanine. The list of foods that may contain levels of solanine that are toxic for your bird includes garlic, eggplant, potatoes, and tomato leaves. You can take a look at a good resource that lists foods that are potentially toxic for Amazon parrots right here. Even foods that aren’t necessarily dangerous for your bird can still be very bad. Anything that contains high amounts of fat, sugar or salt should be avoided. Things like chips, candy and ice cream can all cause your bird to become ill. The general rule is to skip the junk food. Luckily, your bird will be quite happy to receive the fresh fruits and vegetables that are on the approved list!

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