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breeding african gray

Grey Parrots normally mate several times a day for several weeks before the first egg is laid. A clutch may average 2 to 5 eggs. It’s best not to bother the parents too much; maybe check the nesting box once a day when the parents are eating. You don’t want to risk abandoned or broken eggs.

because of their talking / mimicking ability that is endearing to pet owners. The life expectancy for an African Grey is sixty to ninety years and they continue to produce for their lifetime.

As males and females look alike, it’s best to have them DNA sexed to ensure that you set up true pairs. Some breeders state that they can visually sex grey parrots by the shape of their heads and size of the beak, but these are educated guesses at best. DNA sexing is inexpensive (around $20) – it really isn’t worth taking wasting time by potentially setting up incompatible pairs.

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