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Spectacled Amazon, White-fronted Parrot
White-browed Amazon, Sonora White-fronted Amazon

The White-fronted Amazon is one of only two of the 27 amazons species that can be sexed visually. The female is similar to the male but without a red edge on the wing.

   Like most amazons these little birds are very social, enjoying the companionship of people as well as other amazons. They make a wonderful companion. This can lead to problems of fright and stress, resulting in undesirable behaviors. The White-browed Amazon will form very strong bonds with their owners, becoming fast friends and exhibit total confidence.


   The White-fronted Amazon or Spectacled Amazon has green plumage with a white to yellowish-white forehead and the crown is a greenish-blue. The lores are a bright red that extends back around the eyes. The outer feathers of the wings are edged in a red on the male (but not on the female) and there is a red speculum. The eye is yellowish surrounded by an unfeathered gray-white ring. The beak is yellowish and the legs are a bright gray.

Social Behaviors White-fronted Amazon

   In the wild, the White-fronted or Spectacled Amazons are very social birds living in groups. They are seen in flocks, generally small groups of up to about 20 birds, but occasionally in groups of several hundred birds. They also form permanent pairs when they are sexually mature.

Activities of White-fronted Amazon

   The Spectacled Amazon is a very active amazon. It needs a lot of time out of its cage to stretch its wings, although climbing seems to be its favorite activity. It needs plenty of toys to keep it busy, and a hanging perch is thoroughly enjoyed. A moveable perch that can follow you around the house is also great. This Amazon likes to play, loves to wrangle with toys, and is quite an acrobat. They entertain themselves quite well and you will enjoy it.

Potential Problems 

    These birds are hardy and healthy if provided with a good environment and a good diet. Like all amazons, the White-fronted Parrot can be noisy, especially first thing in the morning and just before the sun sets. They have a loud call, but Amazons can often be quieted by just covering their cage for a short period of time. These parrots when well cared for will seldom become ill. Though it is often difficult to determine illness, some visible signs of illness to be aware of are:

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