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cockatoos training equipment

Hi everyone! My name’s Shae, and I’m lucky enough to intern here at Zoo Atlanta with the World of Wild Theater. We work with the birds in the Ambassador Animals program and present the free-flight bird presentation, “Come Fly with Me! as soon as cockatoos training equipment”

cockatoos training equipment and other pet

We have a new bird here, a Major Mitchell’s cockatoo (Look them up. Seriously. They’re gorgeous!), named LC. LC is in the very beginning stages of his training and is starting with very basic behaviors.

I recently had the opportunity to watch a cockatoos training equipment session between LC and Lead Keeper Justin and realized that birds have a distinct personality just like humans!

benefit of cockatoos training

After the training session, I asked Justin about it. This started a long conversation about training and behaviors, moods and teaching strategies. What it all came down to was respect. Justin respects LC’s temperament and adjusts his training approach to make it work for them both. Respect is the basis of all their interactions with the birds and is how we’re able to put on a fantastic presentation with the birds happy to participate. Just like respecting ourselves and respecting others, we should respect nature and the wonderful animals who inhabit it with us.

Well, I have to stop writing and go phone my parents and tell them about my new revelation. They’re going to be thrilled!

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