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Hybrid Macaws interesting facts

Hybrid macaws are common in the pet trade. The most common hybrid varieties include the Catalina, miligold macaw, and harlequin macaw. Macaws normally reach sexual maturity between 2-10 years. With specific variations, the incubation period of macaw eggs ranges between 23-30 days

Characteristics of Macaw Hybrids

  • Hybrids Colors
    The father’s have the dominant gene, so this will generally influence the offspring’s appearance. However some say that the sex of the offspring my also influence the color, with a female offspring tending to take on the color traits of the father while the male offspring tends to take the those of the mother.
  • Hybrid Personalities
    One of the challenges with the cross breeding of the hybrids has been a tendency for the coloring to get muddied.As for their temperament and behavior, these characteristics are uncertain. Hybrids seem to inherit traits of both parents, though often more strongly those of one parent or the other.
  • Macaw Hybrid Names
    Unlike the scientifically described species of animals found in nature, there are no scientific names for hybrid Macaws. The assignment of common names, however, has a similar history to the common names for scientifically described species animals. Common names, though often derived from the scientific name, are just as easily coined because of a location or because of physical descriptions like color or patterning.

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