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Yellow-Collared Macaw Fun Facts

What does a yellow-collared macaw look like?

Mini macaws have great green-colored feathers and a black-brown forehead. They have big wings that help them in having an amazing flight. The beak-tip is gray, the neck has a yellow-colored collar, and the tail is blue. This macaw species is known to be very colorful. The beaks of these birds are half gray and half black.

The yellow-collared macaw is known to be a great pet and is very attractive.

How cute are they?

Mini macaws are small parrots that are in green, brown, yellow, and blue color. They have a black forehead and a small blue tail. These mini birds are known to communicate with vocals and can even repeat a call by a human. They are adorable cute creatures that make amazing pets that can be kept in a cage and are the cutest when they are young.

How do they communicate?

The golden-collared parrot species are not very loud and are known to communicate with the help of vocalizations and speeches. These birds are also known to be gifted talkers as their calls are more clear and they are even talented in saying several phrases and words.

How big is a yellow-collared macaw?

They are mini macaws found in the wild and are often considered mini birds compared to other macaws.

They have a weight of 8.8-9.9 oz (250-280 g) and a length of 14.9-15.7 in (38-40 cm)

These birds are small and are almost half the size of one of their predators, the eagles, and nearly three to four times smaller than monkeys.

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