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breeding season for amazon parrots

The yellow-billed amazon is 28 cm (11 in) long.[2] Its plumage is mostly green with pink over the throat, upper breast and sides of neck,[2] and blue in the larger wing feathers.[3] Feathers over the ears are dark blue-green.[2] The bare white eye-rings are surrounded by a narrow rim of white plumage, which continues as a narrow band of white over the forehead.[2] Plumage over the lores is pale blue and the fore-crown is blue.[2] A barred appearance over the back and sides of neck arises from the green feathers having black tips and edges.[2] The tail feathers are green with red bases.[2] Its beak is yellow, its irises are brown, and its legs are pink.[2] The adult male and female are identical in external appearance.[2] Juveniles have grey on the upper mandible and are otherwise similar to adults.[2]

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