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Pairing Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinths are not as difficult to pair successfully as some of the other species. Overall they are amicable towards other birds, although some Hyacinths may be choosier about their mates than others. A method that Jean Pattison uses with her African species should work well with any psittacine bird. The females are all flocked together in a large flight. Smaller flights containing single male birds are placed against the large flight. Each female has a different colored ink applied to her body, so that she will be easy to identify from a distance.

The birds are carefully watched to see if any female prefers to spend her time with a particular male and whether this interest is mutual. The females are flocked together rather than the males to reduce aggression. Although this is a wonderful method, it is not always feasible with rare or expensive birds such as Hyacinth Macaws. Aviculturists may find it difficult to obtain enough birds to utilize this technique.

When any new birds are brought into an aviary they should be quarantined for three months and retested for potential health risks before they are set up for breeding or exposed to other birds. The stress of a major change in the environment may bring out latent health problems. Many female Hyacinths will refuse to eat when transferred from a happy environment to a new home, even if they are with their mates. It is imperative that the birds are closely watched during this time to ensure that they are eating.

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