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Pet Spotlight: Parakeets

Parakeets, also known as “budgies” are a common household pet.  They’re fun, entertaining and a beautiful addition to your family.  When properly cared for, they can live as long as 10 to 14 years.  Here are a few tips to help you keep your new feathered friend happy and healthy.

What do parakeets look like?

Parakeets are naturally green and yellow with black, scalloped markings (see the photo).  However, they can also have blue, white, yellow and grey coloring!  The color of the are of their beak that has their nostrils differs between the sexes.  This part of the beak is called the “cere.”  In males, the cere is royal blue and in females, the cere is brown to white.

What Should I Feed My Parakeet?

Parkeets enjoy a varied diet.  We sell parakeet seed that is made for your feathered friend.  You can also offer treats to offer a varied diet.  From millet sprays to birdie biscuits, there are many special treats that you can offer your parakeet.

How Do I Care For Their Cage?

Parakeet droppings can be fairly frequent.  Be sure to keep your pet’s cage floor and perches clean.  A clean environment will help your pet stay healthy.

What Type of Toys Will My Parakeet Like?

Parakeets love to play.  You can put rings, swings, bells, and other shiny objects in their cage.  Just make sure that the cage isn’t over cluttered.

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