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interesting facts about Illiger’s Macaws

Fun Facts illiger’s macaw

These birds enjoy palm groves, feeding almost exclusively on the palm nuts and nesting in holes in the palms. The palms normally grow in water, lending the macaws additional protection against predators.

Macaws are monogamous, remaining bonded for life. They are often seen flying in large flocks and the bonded pairs fly close together, their wings nearly touching.

In the wild, macaws often flock to mountains of clay known as “parrot licks.”

They are playful and inquisitive and are able to mimic human vocalizations very well.

They are extremely messy eaters – their incredibly strong beaks are perfectly adapted for eating all sorts of nuts and seeds, as seen in their ability to crack open incredibly hard-shelled nuts with eas

are able to reach speeds of up to 56 kph (35 mph).

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