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Double Yellow-Headed Amazon parrot

The Double Yellow-Headed Amazon parrot may be a medium-sized bird, but it’s got a larger-than-life personality! They’re very vocal, talking all the time and even bursting into song at random. They’re big hams, goofy and hilarious. You can often see them screaming their heads off while sliding across the floor.

As the name suggests, this parrot has a mostly yellow face and head. They love to sing and can even learn opera! If you’re looking for an Amazon parrot that can learn a lot of words, then the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon is one of your best choices. They’ve also been kept as pets since the 1500s by everyone from royalty to pirates.


 Green body; yellow head and neck; orange/red bend of wing and lesser wing coverts mixed with yellow; blackish to bluish violet flight feathers with a red patch on the outer secondaries; base of the tail also has an often hidden red patch


Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrots can make excellent pets. Many captive-bred birds are hand-fed, starting very young. In these cases, they can make affectionate pets that quickly bond with their owners.

Diet and Nutrition

The nutrition of Parrots is critical. There is a great deal of misinformation on this topic out there, but it is essential for your bird’s overall wellbeing.

In the wild, they eat various seeds, nuts, berries, vegetation, and fruits. This varied diet is hard to replicate in captivity. For this reason, we recommend feeding them a pelleted food, combined with fruits and vegetables. This diet helps the bird consume all the nutrients that they need and provides them with tip-top nutrition.

The pelleted food works as a nutritional supplement, as they are often formulated to be high in the nutrients that your bird needs. However, most birds will also benefit from raw and fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables.

Be sure to offer foods high in vitamin A, as this is a common deficiency. Calcium is also essential and can be added easily through the correct vegetables.

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